Use of different research methods for medication adherence

One of PQA’s quantitative research projects they are currently working on examines how medication adherence relates to outcomes.

Pharmacy hours spoke to Melissa Castora Binkley, PQA’s Senior Director of Research, about different research projects using PQA’s methods.

Castora-Binkley: A quantitative research project we are currently conducting examines how medication adherence relates to outcomes. This is an area where there is actually a lot of research and a lot of evidence that suggests adherence is associated with outcomes. But let’s dive a little deeper into the disparities and how there are disparities in terms of membership outcomes. For qualitative research, we have a really cool project where we interview patients to find out more about their experience with comprehensive medication reviews. So it’s really important to make sure we understand the patient experience and there are calls for more metrics related to patient experience and patient-reported outcomes. But sometimes you have to take a step back and start with the evidence and sometimes you find that there isn’t enough evidence to support a measurement. So right now we’re building that evidence base by talking to patients to understand their experiences and eventually creating a conceptual framework that will lead us to a tool to actually measure patient experience with comprehensive medication reviews.

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