Traditional medicine research must be agile and adapt to changing needs: WHO chief scientist

TRADITIONAL MEDICINE systems play an important role in promoting well-being and good health care and therefore research in this area must be agile and responsive to changing needs, Dr Soumya said on Thursday. Swaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization. She urged that it was essential to have collaborations not only between traditional medicine practitioners but also between traditional medicine and modern medicine.

“For example, when I was the Chief Executive of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), we had established a good relationship with the Ayush Ministry to undertake clinical trials for the treatment of dengue fever. There is a need for multi-institutional research and to focus on collaborations with universities and health systems,” Dr. Swaminathan said at a symposium on strengthening the research ecosystem for Ayush. and traditional medicine at the Ayush Global Investment and Innovation Summit in Gandhinagar.

The scientist further called for the need to engage the research and biotechnology sector and industry to translate into public health interventions “Five pillars we need to build on our resources, our data, our collaborations, our well-defined methodologies and our policies supporting innovation and entrepreneurship,” she insisted.

It will be important to think about innovative trial designs for research studies, the scientist said and explained how acupuncture was an example of how dedicated research can gain acceptance for traditional medicine practices.

“Traditional medicines with modern science can pave the way for better health care,” Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, Head of Ayush, WHO World Center for Traditional Medicine, Jamnagar, Gujarat told the Indian Express on the edge of the summit.

Dr Patwardhan, national research professor at Ayush, said the partnership between the WHO and the Indian government was very important. “In this center, many countries will come together for a common good so that the new evidence-based integrated medicine methodology can advance rapidly. We will create a consortium where countries working on various aspects of traditional medicine can come together and innovate. Health care equity is also another goal,” he said.

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