SMOORE launches a pioneering research project on nicotine addiction

Shenzhen, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SMOORE, the world’s largest vaping manufacturer, today announced the launch of the world’s first research project on real-time monitoring of nicotine addiction.

In partnership with the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), SMOORE’s new research project aims to explore how best to minimize the strength of nicotine in vaping products and ultimately bring it below levels that cause addiction.

The Shenzhen Neher Neural Plasticity Laboratory, under the auspices of Nobel Laureate Dr. Erwin Neher, is the sixth lab named after a Nobel Laureate in Shenzhen, and the first dedicated to neuroscience. “The lab focuses on research on the human brain to better understand the mechanisms of disease and addiction using cutting-edge technologies in modern neuroscience.

This joint research will investigate the secretion and metabolism of dopamine in animal brains and use this data to simulate the state of the human brain upon nicotine ingestion. The laboratory will conduct controlled trials by exposing the experimental subject under the aerosol environments enabled by the atomization of FEELM and that of combustible tobacco.

The project aims to reduce nicotine consumption, and subsequent nicotine dependence, among adult vapers. The research will also help SMOORE’s R&D team improve the design of vaping devices, including modifying heating elements and atomizers, to improve the vaping experience through increased delivery efficiency.

Researchers working on the project will monitor the atomization of e-liquids to better understand the delivery, absorption and metabolism of nicotine in the human body. The research will also provide a better understanding of the absorption of nicotine by different organs to reveal the sensory satisfaction experienced from vaping.

Dr. Xiong Yuming, Vice Dean of SMOORE Basic Research Institute in Shenzhen, said:

“The atomization process between an e-cigarette and a combustible cigarette is very different, so the physical and chemical properties derived from the atomization and combustion of tobacco also vary distinctly.

“By focusing on the underlying mechanism of tobacco atomization and combustion, our research aims to explore the release and absorption of nicotine, in order to reduce the health impacts of these products.”

The project is supported by Southwest University in Chongqing, China, and is expected to release a progress report in the second half of 2022 on the different brain effects of nicotine in e-cigarettes and combustible tobacco. This joint nicotine addiction study aims to end global nicotine addiction. In the future, FEELM aims to provide products that do not lead to nicotine addiction by reducing nicotine levels as close to zero as possible, without sacrificing the level of satisfaction.

About FEELM:

As a flagship technology brand owned by SMOORE, FEELM is the world’s leading provider of closed vaping system solutions. Based on the world’s leading ceramic coil heating technology, FEELM combines authentic flavor reproduction technology with innovative electronic technology, bringing the ultimate feel and premium vaping experience.


SMOORE is a global leader in providing vaping technology solutions, including manufacturing vaping devices and vaping components for HNB products on ODM basis, with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capability , a broad-spectrum product portfolio and a diverse customer base.

According to Frost & Sullivan, SMOORE is the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer by revenue, accounting for 22.8% of the total global market share in 2021. Its global market share is greater than the sum of those listed from #2 to #5.

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