Reusable and refillable packaging in Western Europe | Market research report

Main findings

Millennials and Gen Z drive charging demand

Refillable and reusable packaging is increasingly popular in Western Europe, especially among millennials and Gen Z, who are most influenced by climate impact. As brands tap into this growing demand, the challenge remains to ensure affordability.


Integrating easily into existing consumer routines is key to adopting and democratizing charging and reusing habits. Subscriptions that provide an easy way to replenish top-up products continue to grow in popularity in Western Europe.


Refill pouches are found primarily in the beauty and personal care and home care industries, and represent a simple and sustainable solution to reduce packaging and plastic waste, while ensuring hygiene, as consumers refill their products at home.

Concentrated formulas

Offering greater packaging efficiency, concentrated refill formulations – primarily applied to home care and beauty products – result in additional gains in transportation and reduced packaging, due to their lightweight nature.

Superior picture quality

Charging solutions may present an opportunity for more creativity and exclusivity in terms of packaging and design proposals, as well as higher prices for premium and luxury brands, if consumers are persuaded to keep outer packaging to be reused over time.

Digital transformation

Advanced solutions and new technologies applied to charging concepts support operational efficiency in stores. They also allow brands to improve the customer experience and offer safe and smart charging programs.

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