Research scientist partners with KMA to commemorate Stop Food Waste Day

A research scientist, Dr. Stella Agyemang Duah and her team have partnered with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to mark the Stop Food Waste Day 2022 in the metropolis.

Commemorating the Stop Food Waste Day under the theme “Educating and Driving Change in Ghana for National Development”, the parties pledged to provide recommendations to food services and vendors, university students from various institutions of the Ashanti Region, the Assembly Waste Management Team and the general public on food waste.

Stakeholders are pursuing the Bantama and Hippodrome markets to sensitize and educate market women on how to reduce food waste at their level.

Dr. Duah encouraged all stakeholders at these levels to be aware of reducing food waste.

She further stated that unavoidable waste can be directed to organic fertilizer or compost.

She also called on waste management companies to join us in designing robust bin separation materials that can mitigate the effect of carbon emissions on our landfills and promote a clean Ghana.

This is the first time that Ghana has organized such an event.

This was inspired by Compass Group Holdings in the United States of America, one of its global restaurant leaders found it necessary to mark the day to accelerate the awareness campaign against food waste.

Through these advocacy actions, the United States has saved approximately 40% of food wasted.

In a statement, Dr. Duah says she and her team have adopted the strategies to remind everyone to be intentional about reducing food waste.

“It’s attitudinal, everyone should be encouraged to get involved positively in waste reduction. Today is food, but check around; how you use water, clothes, fuel and other products, at least it drives us to fail in all aspects of our lives.

“The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 target counts post-harvest losses and we are ready to secure losses along production and supply chains as well. use of inorganic fertilizers,” she said in a statement.

The researcher further called on the government to consider the targets of SDG 12 and implement them for sustainable food security in the country.

“At any time, we are available to help ministries or the government achieve this goal by 2030. Beyond attitude, solving food waste is political. Everyone needs to be involved,” she noted.

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