LED Light Bar Market Research Report 2022 – Global Forecast to 2027

  • Increased adoption of LED lighting as a potential substitute for traditional light sources
  • Automotive manufacturers and construction engineers looking for innovations in LED lighting system
  • Huge energy efficiency benefits associated with LED lighting
  • Constant investments in R&D to improve performance with better phosphors and other materials

Single row LED light bars accounted for half of sales in 2018

The IMF study reveals that nearly 5 in 10 LED light bars purchased in 2018 were single row LED light bars. A greater preference for a single fixture bodes well for single row LED light bar sales. While single-row LED light bars are expected to grow by 4.1% in 2019, dual-row or double-row LED light bars will register the second highest sales in the market.

The preference for single and dual row LED light bars remains limited to application in small to medium sized areas such as residential and commercial spaces, while the application of triple or quad rows can be found in public places larger or private event areas.

Best-selling Combo Beam Model, accounting for more than 6 out of 10 LED light bars

The study reveals that the sales of LED light bars with combo beam recorded more than a third of the global market LED light bar market revenues in 2018. With this, more than 6 out of 10 LED light bars that will be sold in 2019 will be with combo beam. Demand for LED light bars with combo beam remains strongly consolidated in heavy duty off-road vehicles and some specialty applications.

Flood and spot beams collectively accounted for almost a third of market revenue in 2018. However, the demand for flood beams in LED light bars remains higher than LED light bars with spot beams.

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Application in events and shows continues to increase

FMI estimates that 4 out of 10 LED light bars were sold for application at events and shows in 2018. The use of LED light bars remains higher at events and shows as stakeholders seek economical and energy-efficient ways to optimize the overall cost structure. The demand trend in event and entertainment applications is expected to continue in the future, with 4% growth expected in 2019.

Automotive is another lucrative application segment for LED light bars in which automakers are vying to introduce innovative and attractive LED light bar designs. With a growth rate of 4%, almost 3 out of 10 LED light bars are expected to be sold in the automotive sector in 2019.

Low rated power – a key influencing factor

The FMI study estimates that more than 3 out of 10 LED light bars sold in 2018 had a power rating of less than 100W. Manufacturers in the market offer lower rated 100W LED light bars with high fixture, compact design , power options and versatile mounting. . As these low-power LED light bars match well with end users’ stringent requirements for cost saving and energy efficiency, their sales are expected to increase steadily in the future.

Manufacturers in the LED light bar market offer power ranging from less than 100W to more than 300W. The study reveals that the sales of 101-200W LED light bars are expected to increase rapidly in the coming years , as the demand for better lighting in a single fixture continues. to get up.

APEJ spearheads LED light bar sales

The IMF study reveals that APEJ continues to witness significant demand for LED light bars. In 2018, the region accounted for 4 out of 10 LED light bars sold in the regions of the world. While Europe represents the second largest demand for LED light bars, Latin America, despite declining sales, is expected to see increased demand and growth of 4% in 2019.

Sales of LED light bars continue to grow steadily in developing countries where demand aggregation is no longer limited to the residential or automotive sector, but is expanding to public sectors due to increasing energy needs .

key segmentBased on configuration

  • single row
  • double row
  • triple row
  • quad row

Based on the beam model

Based on an application

  • events & shows
  • automotive
  • restaurants and bars
  • charter & boats

Based on rated power

  • below 100W
  • 101-200W
  • 201-300W
  • above 300W

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