“Kwara’s spending budget is not based on research”

The Elite Network for Sustainable Development (ENETSUD) said government appropriations and expenditures associated with Kwara State budgets are not the product of research.

ENETSUD Deputy Coordinator (Project Monitoring), Comrade Lanre Osho revealed this while signing a Memorandum of Understanding worth N26.5 million with a non-governmental organization based in Kwara, the Gobir Organization Foundation (GOF).

He said the development has led to a situation where public funds are not working hard enough for taxpayers.

Osho, who disclosed that 10 million naira had so far been received from the GOF, said the deal would enhance its Citizen Information and Engagement Program (CEMP) in all 193 wards of the 16 LGAs of the State.

“In most cases, government appropriations and spending through budgets are not the product of a thorough needs assessment, leading to a situation where public funds are not working well enough for taxpayers.

“Our observations triggered the design of the CEMP of which assessing the needs of Kwara communities is one of its activities,” he said.

Fatima Bintu Dikko, Ag. Director of Community Services, ENetSuD, said their recently launched anti-corruption app, which is currently being used by citizens, will give them the opportunity to take their destiny into their own hands.

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