Kuzey, the founder of Æ, uses extensive research to develop products for different industries.

The business world is going through a phase where true innovation is needed to prevail.

The road to success has been a double-edged sword for many entrepreneurs; the issue of capital and advanced technology. One possible conclusion we can come to is that technology is driving our future, and having greater access to this technological advancement will only accelerate our cause. This evolution, however, does not stop with our people. With increasing technological advancements and the increasingly complicated business world we live in, the need for a highly accomplished technology expert is paramount. This position is not very clear within companies today. The future of this field depends on companies that are committed to initiating change.

Æ is a start-up founded by a group of entrepreneurs, Kuzey, seeking to impact the lives of people around the world. Their vision is to create an opportunity for consumers to have a more fluid way of interacting with technology. This will be done by developing immersive products in the entertainment and technology industry. In addition, Æ aims to promote economic growth by providing new opportunities for people. With this vision, the company seeks to be the leader in providing creative and immersive ways to interact with technology and believes that by doing so, people’s interactions with technology will take a leap forward.

Many large companies occupy the fields of business and innovation. This makes it difficult to stand out among the crowd, let alone break into the market. Countless factors contributed to its launch, but for Æ, the idea of ​​starting a business is not just about making money. Instead, the vision behind its launch is to change the way people experience technology and the entertainment industry.

Æ also plans to venture into philanthropy by pledging to donate its profits to charity and raising awareness of the issues that matter most. Along with these means of change, the company will commit resources by creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Æ believes that by creating more creative and immersive ways to interact with technology, consumers will have a more effective and disturbing experience. Additionally, the company believes that people should be able to control their experiences in the new technological era. Therefore, Æ plans to bring evolution to the entertainment and technology industries by participating in extensive research and product design.

The company plans to conquer the billion dollar mark by 2028. This target is based on the assumption that their products will be high end and they are also profitable.

The company has advanced tremendously over the past few decades through technological developments and beneficial research. Companies like Æ are driving this technological evolution by thinking outside the box and being innovators in their field.

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