Improve Your Research Skills With 20% Off This Digital Highlighter

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Our ability to access information so abundantly and so easily separates this modern society from any time in the past, making it an incredible age for those thirsty for knowledge. Even with remarkable progress in internet explorationChances are good that you are still sorting at least some material in good old fashioned physical shape.

Embrace a mix of old and new with help from Scanmarker Air: Digital highlightera device designed to take your creative process or research habits to another level. Priced at $ 139, it’s currently available for just $ 110, thanks to a 20% discount.

Using smart OCR and Bluetooth wireless technology, this digital highlighter scans up to 30 times faster than the time required for standard input while supporting translations in over 50 languages.

Whether you’re preparing for a big exam or highlighting key parts of a text for your own needs and motivation, it simplifies and speeds up the process, as users only need to drag this pen onto a particular line so that these words appear instantly. on a device screen.

With an Amazon rating of four out of five stars, Scanmarker is a perfect solution for students and professionals who are trying to maximize their time in the library, office or boardroom. Bluetooth connectivity ensures compatibility with products such as Mac and Windows desktops and Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Scanmarker’s fast recognition allows 3000 characters per minute and a full line of text in one second. Supported languages ​​include, but are not limited to Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Improve the way you absorb and distribute information every day by getting the Scanmarker Air: Digital Highlighter at a cost of only $ 110 (reg. $ 139) for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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