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Ipsos launches a UX Lab in downtown Chicago

June 30, 2022

Ipsos launched a user experience (UX) facility called Ipsos Experience Lab at the Franklin Center in downtown Chicago, providing space for focus groups, interviews, device testing and simulations.

The 6,000 square foot facility will provide space where Ipsos’ UX team of researchers, “design thinkers”, developers and artists can deliver insights into human behavior and decision-making. Laboratory spaces and maintenance rooms are equipped with a CCTV streaming system and custom environmental lighting. Its centerpiece is a large multi-purpose room, built with extra-wide doors to accommodate oversized equipment and plumbing for appliance testing, and this can be subdivided to simulate a variety of environments, from a smart kitchen to a medical post. The UX Lab also offers smaller research rooms for 1-1 interviews and observation spaces.

Executive Vice President of User Experience Peter Mackey comments, “The Lab was designed to be a flexible, secure, interactive and highly collaborative space in an incredibly diverse city. When designing the lab, we worked directly with some of our customers to find out what would make it the ideal environment for them – not just for research, but as a place where people can be comfortable and think. creatively. We really think our customers and attendees will enjoy spending time here.”

Website: www.ipsos.com.

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