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(ATLANTA, GA) April 27, 2022 – Residential fires can be devastating and result in the loss of lives and homes. The National Fire Protection Association said between 2015 and 2019, US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 346,800 house fires per year, with an average of 2,620 civilian fatalities. Upholstered furniture has been identified as one of the main items prone to igniting in residential fires resulting in tragic deaths.

Through rigorous research, the Chemical Insights Research Institute (CIRI) at Underwriters Laboratories has identified that the use of fire barriers in furniture design is a simple and straightforward way to prevent and delay furniture ignition. upholstered; giving more time for occupants to evacuate and for first responders to arrive and put out the fire, thereby saving lives.

Traditionally, chemical flame retardants have been added to upholstery and upholstery to prevent or slow ignition. But with the recognition of the human health risks associated with the use of flame retardants, alternative fire protection strategies are needed. To help address this important issue, CIRI publishes several application tools to inform and guide residential interior designers on how to specify a fire barrier without the need for flame retardants in finished furniture. This win-win application reduces the health risks associated with the use of chemical flame retardants while reducing the flammability hazards of upholstered furniture.

“We are still seeing too many destructive and life-threatening house fires so intense that occupants have only minutes to escape. We want to share our research and suggested strategies related to upholstered furniture with interior designers, specifiers, retailers and manufacturers so they can positively impact the safety of their customers’ homes,” said Dr. Marilyn Black, Vice President and Senior Technical Advisor at CIRI.

“CIRI’s scientific research provides key information to designers when specifying products,” said Gary Wheeler, CEO of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). “Through this research, designers are able to support products that will not only look good and perform well, but also contribute to a healthy and safe environment.”

Sharing knowledge that protects human health is at the heart of CIRI’s mission. That’s why they’re proud to announce that ASID is offering Chemical Insights’ Continuing Education (CE) course, “Specifying Residential Upholstered Furniture to Protect Human Health,” and a toolkit on its Resource Catalog. ASID Academy.

This continuing education course and other valuable tools build on CIRI’s ongoing research projects on flame retardants and furniture flammability and their impact on human health.


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