Celebrating the Alternative Research Methods Network

Breaking the “research methods mould” is the common thread of a group of scholars determined to present and develop different ways of doing research.

The Network for Non-Traditional Research Methods (NTRM) was launched in 2021 following observations from three colleagues at the University of Northampton, Dr Angela Rushton, Dr Jacquie Ridge and Dr Harriet Richmond, now at the University of Warwick.

They noted that despite the range of research methods available, in practice, decisions in this area are often bound by the conventions of different disciplines.

The Associate Dean of the School of Business and Law, Dr Rushton, said: “Not all research methods are suitable for all contexts, so we decided to increase exposure to different research methods, by especially those that are not traditional in the fields in which we work.

“We have an energy and enthusiasm for research methods that is not typical of the environments in which we work. We know there are many others who feel the same way.

“The purpose of the network is to bring these people together and provide a space for meaningful interdisciplinary research debate to encourage more creativity in this aspect of research design.”

The response to the Network has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments highlighting the value of a forum for innovation in interdisciplinary research, the expertise and practical advice given by presenters, with the opportunity to think about research differently.

So far, the Network has organized three events with new and established national and international researchers showcasing their research approaches and thinking.

The next event is free and will take place online on May 6 between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and will welcome outstanding researchers engaging in new approaches to research and ideas about the researcher. The team is also planning a symposium in June and a conference in September.

Dr Ridge added: “We have heard from inspiring people who are leading discussions around the world about this research and the momentum it is creating. More importantly, they discover new approaches and how breaking with tradition can help them discover more of the disciplines they are passionate about.

To find out more about the network and to register, please email: [email protected]

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