A study of corporate wellness programs in India — People Matters

The ensuing healthcare crisis and the rise of hybrid working mean that today’s employees need better wellness programs that are holistic and better suited to their wellness needs. As employee health and wellness becomes critical to business performance, the demand for robust wellness programs has never been greater. Organizations today are therefore tasked with designing and executing engaging, personalized and effective wellness programs to advance employee wellbeing.

The 360 Wellness Research Study ii is a leading comparative study on the present and future of corporate wellness programs in India. With more than 324 respondents across the country, the report presents HR professionals with a clear picture of the trends that will dominate employee wellness and healthcare.

Dive into the employee wellness landscape and explore:

  • Top trends dominating employee wellbeing in 2022
  • The future of technology to reinvent well-being
  • Challenges and Opportunities HR Professionals Face in the Face of Growing Demand
  • The role of modern wellness programs in driving business results
  • Key insights and insights from 10 HR leaders from different industries who share their wellness journeys

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